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M-Audio AV42 Computer speaker

Studio monitors & Subwoofers
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₹12999 16300

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Length: 18 CM

Breadth: 14.7 CM


Height: 21.3 CM

Weight: 3.4 KG

Categories: All, Studio monitors & Subwoofers


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The av32 and av42 speakers feature built-in thermal protection that can help to prevent permanent damage from occurring in the event the speakers are overloaded. When the signal level is too high for the speakers to sustain, the audio will be interrupted, or the speakers may shut down temporarily. Turn the power switch on the rear of the speakers to the off position, wait 2 minutes and turn the speakers back on. Reduce the signal level by a) turning the volume knob on the front of the speaker down or b) turn the volume down on the external audio source (i.e. Your iPhone)

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