Promark Select Balance Rebound Balance Drum Sticks, Wood Tip.565 (5A)

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Promark put so much thought and care into their Rebound Balance 565 hickory drumsticks that it’s almost insane. They start with quartersawn hickory, which is stronger and straighter than plainsawn wood. Then they weight-match each pair within 1.5 grams, so you’ve got an amazingly consistent feel. But they don’t stop there – Promark even measures their resonate frequencies and matches them within 6Hz for incredibly consistent tone. So for drumsticks that feel fantastic, sound amazing, and won’t go curvy on you, get the Promark Rebound Balance 565 hickory drumsticks.

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  • Rebound Balance taper for a back heavy stick that feels like it’s doing most of the work
  • .565″ diameter comparable to most 5A models
  • Promark Select Balance drum sticks are available in Forward or Rebound balance options
  • Made in the USA to the highest weight and tone sorting standards in the industry
  • Promark plants 5 trees for every one used manufacturing drumsticks


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