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Kramer Guitars is synonymous for its innovation and reputation to challenge the traditional norms of guitar making as evident by their eclectic models. The company was founded in the late 1970s by Dennis Berardi and Gary Kramer, a close friend and associate of Travis Bean, to manufacture aluminum-necked guitars. Gary Kramer, Dennis Berardi, Peter LaPlaca […]


Midas has been designing and manufacturing audio consoles since the early 1970’s, and is synonymous with portable, live and touring sound. Midas parted from Bosch and joined the Music Tribe stable of brands in 2010. Midas consoles are currently being used around the world by audio engineers largely in the live sound realm. Applications for […]


For drummers across the globe the words “Tama Drums” evokes quality and innovation alike. Tama drums and hardware range is manufactured and marketed by the Japanese musical instrument company Hoshino Gakki,a business driven by quality and desire to develop new technologies for better performance. In the 1970’s Tama re-invented drum hardware and what players could […]

Launchkey and Cubase 12 Integration Update

Cubase 12 brings a deep integration with Launchkey. The Launchkey range now has a seamless integration with Cubase 12. Steinberg’s latest update to Cubase is a significant improvement from the previous HUI script, giving you high functionality using Launchkey with Cubase 12. Now, you can stay focused on your music with screen feedback, and quick […]

Musical Instrument Online Selling Trend

Online Markets are the most emerging markets of today’s world. A customer can buy anything and everything which he wish to, from handicraft to crockery, from toiletries to furniture and anything available in a physical market with just a single click Musical Instruments are one of the most demanded things, selling musical instruments online is […]

Musical Instruments: a Study

Musical instruments have a long evolutionary history as that of humans. The statements and assumptions about the first musical instrument is still in dispute. But it is without no doubt proved that during the ancient times music was not considered as an entertainment, instead music was an important medium for communication. Ancient people used music […]